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Open RAR File: RAR is really a best quality compression file format. It had been created by Eugene Roshal (RAR is brief for Roshal Archive). Version 0.1 of RAR was launched in March 1993. But only while using version 1.30 in September 1993 RAR was officially launched to public.

Because its release RAR format survived many version releases and enhancements. Advanced functions such as multithreaded compression and decompression, multi-volume archives, password protected archives were introduced. Right now license and copyright to RAR and the Windows version WinRAR is a member of Alexander Roshal. Rights to distribute and create software offered to public of any type is a member of win.rar GmbH.

Open RAR File

It is possible to open RAR file either using GUI based application for Windows called WinRAR or using console applications for example RAR and unrar. RAR and unrar console tools are around for several platforms including various flavors of Linux, Mac OS and Windows OS. You will see full set of WinRAR and RAR versions at Download page. And also are multiple versions of unrar extraction tool and RAR libraries available for download at RarLab add-ons page.

Should you not use a special software in the above list installed you won’t be allowed to open RAR file. Windows and Mac OS use ZIP archive like a default compression format which is a wide open format and widely supported. In addition RAR compression is frequently more effective and RAR code works quicker than other archivers. Besides official software from RAR Labs you will find multiple other paid and free software programs offered to open RAR files. However it is recommended to work with the official software since several 3rd party software programs have adware a part of the installation.

RAR file format supports modern file encryption standards via 128/256 AES encryption technology. It is recommended use RAR 5.0 or later since it uses AES 265 that is a more powerful version of AES. Also, it is recommended use password with 8 characters of extra in order that incredible force attacks will never be possible.

RAR files are moved more than e-mail or internet working with application/vnd.rar multi-purpose internet mail extensions (MIME) type.

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