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Open ZIP File: ZIP file extension is required to keep compressed files in ZIP file format. ZIP file format and DEFLATE compression algorithm was created by Phil Katz in PKWARE PKZIP compression/decompression utility. It had been launched choice to ARC compression format and since that it was launched on public domain quickly became popular.

ZIP files utilize lossless compression. Most typical compression method used in ZIP files is DEFLATE that is a combination of LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding. ZIP file format is defined in RFC 1951.

Open ZIP FileZIP file format supports password based symmetric encryption. It’s not recommended to apply that encryption because there are multiple problems from it that may compromise archive security. Instead using AES encryption is required. AES encryption is available in ZIP file format documentation since version 5.2 which is supported by multiple ZIP applications like WinZip.

Older versions of ZIP file format supported only 4GB files and can just need 4GB maximum size of archive. Using introduction of ZIP64 requirements extension, ZIP supports of files and archives more than 4GB. Some of the popular operating systems support compressing and decompressing files in ZIP64 format.

ZIP file format is now followed by all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux and more. Windows Explorer and then Mac OS person will open ZIP file and uncompress the information.

ZIP files will be moved more than e-mail or internet working with right after file multi-purpose internet mail extensions (MIME) types: application/octet-stream, application/x-zip-compressed, multipart/x-zip.

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