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It is possible to open DOCX file working with Microsoft Word software program. Microsoft Word is definitely an software created by Microsoft included in Microsoft Office. It features a long history with first version released in 1983 for Xenix. Currently Microsoft Word supports Windows and Mac OS desktop platforms. Also, platform specific versions of Microsoft Word are available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Microsoft Word allows creating text documents with rich formatting, headers and footers, printer preview and other styles. Besides text Microsoft Word can insert different media types like audio, video and pictures. Users will make drawings using shapes and insert content using Microsoft Office software. Microsoft Word can be famous for its advanced formula engine that allows creating complex mathematical formulas.

DOCX is dependant on Office Open XML file format (OOXML). OOXML is an XML based format that was developed by Microsoft to facilitate complex document storage and exchange between different office software. OOXML format is standardized as ISO/IEC 29500 and ECMA-376 and based on many other software including LibreOffice, Apple Pages and

It is possible to open DOCX file without installing Microsoft Word. With this you have to upload DOCX file to OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Docs. Many of these online office applications have the capability to import DOCX, display, edit and export it. This will make it the best way to watch DOCX files.

DOCX files and Microsoft Word typically support macro programming using Visual Basic. Macros allow adding very complex features for the files but all at once pose chance of used for viruses. Because of the spike of macro viruses in 1999 these were disabled automatically to all Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Word. However it is still not recommended to open DOCX files from an unknown source since they could have viruses. Even though macros are disabled by default, viruses use various methods to lure users into enabling macros and infecting their computers.

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So that you know allowed to open file with certain file extension be sure to find out if extension for your file is true. It will be possible that information from the file doesn’t match file extension.

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