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TMP files are used to store temporary information. Usually these types of files are stored only while information inside them is required by a software or operating system and they are removed when these details becomes obsolete. TMP file extension is used by different operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

TMP files can store several types of information. Frequently TMP files are only renamed files of other types. This is why selecting difficult to open TMP file not understanding what is from it.

TMP files are removed from the operating system if they are not being used much more. But may they may be left from the system and consume disk space.

During installation, some applications use temporary files in place of occupying hard drive space of your system. Here is the major reason why programs require enough hard drive for use for temporary files on specific location on the computer. When making one word document in Windows, a TMP file is automatically created and applied by the device.

There isn’t any real threats about the temp files. However, several memory resident viruses often associate themselves to temp files. In which create temporary files altering people with .com and .exe extensions to help distribute.

It is possible to open TMP files using text or hex editor. When the information from the TMP file is textual you will then be able to see and understandwhat is stored inside. TMP files can contain initialization or information installation or other data relevant to specific software.

Similar file types

  • SWP or SWAP – Swap Files
  • BAK – Backup Files
  • TEMP – Temporary Files

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